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Gudrun’s DIY tips

Why not paint a chair or your kitchen - be inspired by Gudrun's colorful pictures from her house on the island of Asken in the Stockholm archipelago!

Meet gudrunista Momtaz

Discover gudrunista Momtaz's creative creations of colorful yarn - it makes you happy, dosen`t it?

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Sirle London

Hello, London store!

Meet Sirle Oder, store manager for Gudrun's cozy store in England.

Gudruns Home

Home at Gudruns'

​High up on Stockholm's heights, surrounded by greenery, picturesque little cafes and a fabulous view of Riddarfjärden lives Gudrun Sjödén.

Gudrun's travel tips

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Flower-filled Gudrun designs

Three flowers have taken a firm root-hold in our designs. Can you guess which? 

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Colour psychology

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Our tea guide

Know your tea

Did you know that rooibos is not a true tea and that you can dye textiles with the beverage? Get to know your cup of tea!

Gudrun Sjödén shoes

The art of shoe-making

Shoe-making is a true craft! Join us on a factory visit to Ponte, the small village in Northern Portugal where all Gudrun shoes are made.

Block print

Unique block print

Learn more about Block printing, an ancient technique used to apply patterns to textiles or paper.

Unique block print



Block printing is an ancient technique used to apply patterns to textiles or paper. As early as the 8th century, religious texts were being block printed in Japan and Korea. Block printing on paper is the oldest technique of printing in Europe. It was used in the 1440s by Johannes Gutenberg as he developed his method for printing books. Block printing has been popular with us at Gudrun Sjödén since the 90s. By continuing to use an age-old technique, we pay tribute to this traditional craft that might otherwise easily be forgotten.

The technique requires wooden blocks on which patterns are cut and carved. These should preferably be dense wood, like pear or cherry, that does not splinter. The number of blocks depends on how many dyes you’ll be printing with. There is usually a small alignment mark on the block to ensure the dyes are perfectly matched. Skilful artisans dip the wooden blocks into a dye paste and then quickly press them on metre after metre of fabric. Transforming it into a palette of designs, shapes and colours.

In Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan in north-west India, block printing has become an art form with roots deep in tradition and cultural history. This is where our block-printed products are made. In small workshops owned by families who also work on the land. All printing is halted when it’s time to harvest the crops – farming comes first. It also has to be suspended during the monsoon period because the products are placed outdoors to dry. The heavy rainfalls put a stop to that. In other words, fast, large-scale production is not possible. We get something far more valuable instead – unique, personal products, crafted by skilled hands. 


Try block printing

You need:

  • Some fabric
  • Textile dye
  • Paper plates
  • Small roller
  • Wooden blocks

This is how:

  1. Place the cloth on a flat surface, ideally with an old sheet or similar between to create a soft, slightly springy surface.
  2. Put some dye onto the paper plate.
  3. Transfer some of the dye onto the roller and then roll it over the patterned side of the wooden block. Apply a thin and even coat for best results.
  4. Firmly press the block on the cloth. Make sure the entire face of the block is pressed onto the cloth.
  5. Continue printing over the cloth like this until the pattern is the size you want.
  6. Et voilà! You’ve now created your own block print.

Where can you get hold of wooden blocks? We suggest shopping at well-stocked hobby stores, going to auctions and keeping an eye-out when you’re out and about. If you’re good at woodwork, try carving your own designs in blocks of wood – that is as unique as it can get!


Artisan craft and precision

Many of our creations and accessories feature hand-embroidered details. It’s an age-old traditional craft with heart and soul in every stitch.

Gudrun Sjödén linen garment

Linen – perfectly natural!

Linen is a rather magical material. Learn more here!

Gudruns holiday home

Stockholm’s archipelago – paradise on earth

The Stockholm archipelago is the largest in Sweden and something of a paradise. Gudrun comes here to her own oasis in the outer islands of the northern archipelago to find inspiration and energy.

Flower sketch

Parvathy’s creations are bedecked with Indian flowers

Many of the stunning patterns in our collections have been created by our designer Parvathy, whose roots are in India. One of them is Chennai, a richly colourful block-print design of flowers and leaves.



– a brilliant burst of colour.

Gudrun Sjödén

Seven Gudrun flowers

According to Swedish tradition, you’re supposed to pick seven varieties of flowers on Midsummer Eve. To help you get in the festive midsummer spirit, we’ve gathered seven varieties of Gudrun flowers – ready for you to place under your pillow (or hang in your wardrobe)!

Arranging flowers

Dress your table for summer parties

Martina Lenander, our stylist, shares her delectable DIY table decor tips for summer dining.

Sustainable style

Sustainable style

13 examples of how we can lower our environmental impact