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Our environmental thinking

We think about the environment in everything we do ... >>

We are helping to save our forests!

Our important environment and business policy

My basic belief is that the first step towards reducing negative environmental impact is not to use so much ... >>

The art of dressing in an environmentally friendly way

By taking care of things you already own and using them until they are worn out ... >>

Gudrun Sjödéns own environmental labeling

Environmental projects we are involved in

At Christmas we usually get involved in a charity project. >>

12 examples of how I want to work for the environment

"All this is part of a whole and the idea of how I personally want to live and be understood…" »

Our code of conduct and our suppliers

Since 2001 we have worked actively with a Code of Conduct with our suppliers. >>

Other environmental issues

Being a good example is part of our corporate culture and has always been the way that I personally choose to manage the company. >>

Our environmental commitment

Our environmental commitment

Our common mission – the reasons why we want to commit
ourselves other than for profit and business success. We take environmental responsibility.
Our common goal is: Sustainable design.

By sustainable design, we mean that:

- We choose good textile materials
- We look for timeless, functional designs
- We look for timeless, functional designs
- We strive for sustainability over time
- We want to be a good example
- We want to practise what we preach
- We believe that many small steps will lead us to big results