Travel journals MIRÓ’S MALLORCA

Travel journals MIRÓ’S MALLORCA

While holidaying with her sister in Mallorca, Gudrun paid her first visit to the Joan Miró Foundation and museum, where she was captivated by the colourful setting. Here, among the cacti, creative architecture and history, was a world of inspiration. After her visit, Gudrun painted cactus watercolours, and sketched ideas for the summer collection. Now, that same collection was to be shot against the backdrop of her original inspiration. Full-circle amazing, right?

To reach this beauty spot, we negotiate the winding streets in our large van. No easy passage through these small spaces. On arrival, we’re instantly immersed in Miró’s world. The surrealist artist Joan Miró spent some 30 years of his life living and working in this amazing place. There are three different unique buildings, all of which tell part of the story of his life. His own studio, Sert Studio, designed by his friend the architect Josep Lluís Sert, is striking for its colourful doors. His other magical studio, the 18th-century Finca Son Boter, was where he created his sculptures and other artworks. Finally, the large Moneo Building is a gallery showing some of his principal works.

The architecture is magical, with dramatic lines offset by the blue sky. At Son Boter, the 18th century stone finca, we photograph our new homeware. Here in the garden, we have a stunning view of the mountains. And inside the studio, there’s the sense that Miró has only just left for a brief siesta. His brushes and tools are still there, as if awaiting his return. Miró reportedly said:
“I want everything that I leave behind to stay just as it is when I am gone.”

Today, Joan Miró’s grandson Joan Punyet Miró is on location to appear in a documentary about his grandfather. We’re in the garden, shooting a selection of our summer-season home accessories, which had been inspired by Miró’s cactus garden. There’s all kinds going on, and curious tourists gather around us to stare.

The bright colour pops of Gudrun’s designs and Miró’s fascinating world are a perfect combination. We even found some outsize brushes, easels and sheets of paper to use doing the photoshoot to create that artistic ambience. And didn’t it just turn out beautifully?

Learn more about Joan Miró Foundation here:


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