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The sun has just started radiating above the horizon as we wander the streets of Palma. The only other visitors besides us in the narrow, picturesque streets are the pigeons with their sweet cooing.

The city of Palma was built back in Roman times. En route to the old part of the city, La Calatrava, we pass the great La Seu cathedral from the 1230s. We’re planning get some shots of our new summer styles nearby, amongst the fine streets and tall palms.

There are no tourists in sight when we arrive. Just a few locals walking their dogs offer a quiet greeting. An elderly woman walks slowly by, while her happy little puppy is overjoyed when our models Olivia and Lova throw the ball for him to fetch.

On this trip, we are a women-only team. Josefin is the photographer; Maja is her assistant. They always set up both the camera and its stand before we start shooting. Monica is our stylist, with Leone to assist, and Sanna does the hair and makeup. Next, we have three models – Olivia, Lova and Christine – who bring the clothes to life. 

We’re constantly lugging around huge bottles of water, as the temperature can easily reach 40 degrees. But just as we’re packing up and done for the day, the heavens burst. We’re caught in a heavy downpour, as a storm breaks over the city. Happily, we’ve just made it to the harbour, so we can appreciate the beating of the rain high and dry under the roof of a cosy restaurant.


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