Hej! Fun things are almost always happening in my stores.
Promise you’ll look in once and a while – so you don’t miss anything.


Coming up in our New York store…

Unusually beautiful sale!
Yes, the post-holiday sale is on. Ready to celebrate some marvelous offers? There’s something new on everyday!

A little sparkle for the home
Something to warm up your winter?  Come and browse among our sumptuous bedding, towels, tableclothes, cushion covers and rugs. All in nature’s own materials.

Dazzling clothes and accessories
So much to surprise you in our full sortiment of lovely dresses, charming skirts, fabulous tops and sweaters, comfortable trousers, vibrant accessories and more.


Don’t miss Gudrun’s Lucky Day
THURSDAY, JANUARY 9. This is always a particularly fun day – with Gudrun’s very own twist. Feeling lucky? Stop by and find out what’s in-store.







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NEW YORK 50 Greene Street
212 - 219 - 2510