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Our environmental thinking

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Our important environment and business policy

My basic belief is that the first step towards reducing negative environmental impact is not to use so much ... >>

The art of dressing in an environmentally friendly way

By taking care of things you already own and using them until they are worn out ... >>

The art of dressing in an environmentally friendly way

By taking care of things you already own and using them until they are worn out, your impact on the environment is minimal. Be proud of your worn clothes! I strive to create functional clothes in timeless designs, so that my fashion is fun to live with for many years. When you want to refresh your wardrobe, make sure you recycle your old clothes by giving them away or selling them for example, on our vintage site!

How do we wash?

Yes, it's probably through the washing machine at home that both you and I have the biggest impact on the environment. Generally we all wash far too often! Wear your clothes until they are dirty, before which you can air your clothes and remove individual stains. Choose an environmentally accredited washing powder, and don't use too much. Choose phosphate free powder if you live in a house that is not connected to mains drains!

A whole collection to be proud of

Our aim is to get as many products as possible to be manufactured in an environmentally friendly way – not just a small exclusive selection. This often isn’t the quickest or cheapest way of doing things, yet to us, it is still the obvious way to work. We try, for example to dye on unbleached material and we pre-shrink fabrics mechanically instead of chemically. We often like to make garments in silk and linen. These are fantastic materials that are in themselves more environmentally friendly alternatives than cotton because they do not have to be treated with chemicals to such a great extent. Shipping by boat is always our first choice, which means that sometimes you customers have to wait a little longer for your products. Footwear is packed in fabric bags, which takes up less space during shipping, and means you don’t have to throw away a cardboard box. The attractive shopping bags we use in our boutiques are made from fabric and can be used again and again. These are small examples of how we create a whole collection we can be proud of – not just a few exclusive items.


Gudrun Sjödéns own environmental labeling

We are helping to save our forests!

Environmental projects we are involved in

At Christmas we usually get involved in a charity project. >>

12 examples of how I want to work for the environment

"All this is part of a whole and the idea of how I personally want to live and be understood…" »

Our code of conduct and our suppliers

Since 2001 we have worked actively with a Code of Conduct with our suppliers. >>

Other environmental issues

Being a good example is part of our corporate culture and has always been the way that I personally choose to manage the company. >>

Our environmental commitment